our vision is to create a community, a coop, capable of hatching our vision. A future, that until now has not been possible to Envision.

Affordable nests made easily available to buy and let at below market price - generating.

passive monthly income. Grow your savings. Hold the future in your hands. Incubate your nest. Hatch your plan. Hatch your Letsy. NestLetsy.

NestLetsy In a Shell

“Ready Letsy go", here it is! After so much waiting, the change that everyone expected ”

“The future has arrived It is NOW, AND IT IS Here, NestLetsy Hot-tubs for Everyone! it has started, don’t get left behind”

“Letsy the single most valuable ICO investment opportunity for your portfolio, Lets Start the new year Wealthy, Merry Christmas to all”

buy Nests with your savings, of all shapes and sizes, Make the Nests hip, make the Nests Trendy, make the Nests warm to increase their rating. Attract Letsy to your Nest to incubate your Nest EGG and.

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Passive Income

( Buy Nests to let affordably upto 60% below market value, receive safeguarded monthly Passive income when nested, recieve returns on your investment between 3 and 6% per year.. depending on rental prices. And nest warmth.)

Problems Solutions
(Problems with current property model)
(Nestletsy adresses these problems)
High initial cost requiring large amount of capital, large tax fees associated with tangible property, expensive liabilities(transaction costs estate agent fees bank fees, repairs, time lost) legal responsibility, asset is difficult to make liquid, total investment in a single asset) Lower inital cost with similar return upto 60% lower initial capital requirements, no capital gains on digital properties, No liabilities, Nestletsy takes care of all the costs and liabilities and legal responsibility.
Minimal transactional costs, gives instant liquidity -Easy to sell your highly sought Nest digital asset instantly on nest coop digital market giving, assured rentals payments with security From safety nest priceless time back to you and your family)


NestLetsy is a dream of a better tomorrow, a vision gifted, a step in the right direction to reshape the way we own and rent property and how we store our assets for our family, our children and grandchildren and a legacy for our future generations.

  • Bringing a human touch to a purely transactional system.
  • A digital marketplace for property focused around people.
  • In a busy world, NestLetsy aims to give you more of what is important, time and peace of mind, by simplifying concepts and making dreams possible.
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How it work
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Investment opportunities will be sought in real estate, commercial and domestic sectors in established and upcoming markets that are usually crypto friendly and sometimes unbanked. South-America, Europe and Africa. Colombia, London, UK, Nigeria, Italy, Turkey, France, China, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Germany, Estonia and Russia to name but a few.

These homes and businesses - tangible assets here on referred to as Nests - would be purchased by NestLetsy and let out in Letsy. Rental agreements will be officiated directly through NestLetsy on our digital legal tendering process platform - utilizing our partnering company Nestletsy and its innovative property listing blockchain services.

We aim to provide affordable rentals up to 50% below that of market value for our ever growing population unable to buy or afford rentals in competition with private holdings and unscrupulous corporations

We also intend on extending this practice to commercial properties, helping new business flourish and spreading the Letsy Love, can you feel it yet? Putting you, our investors at the heart of it all. You are the epicenter. We want to create a system where you can build up a portfolio of staked properties - commercial and residential. Gaining more Letsy monthly from each new property added. Whilst contributing to a real paradigm shifting process in a serious way and loving every minute of it! Letsy make it happen.

What is Letsy?

Letsy is a digital currency and exchange...

Borderless currency, that is trusted, efficient, stable and accepted for a wide range of products and services.

Time efficiency
  • Letsy store of value, directly linked to property.
  • Directly invest Letsy from your wallet.
  • Letsy on approved exchanges.
  • Letsy wallets may only be assigned to users that have been.
  • Approved during KYC process creating a secure ecosystem of trusted peers and clarity for any future legal regulation by governmental institutions.
  • Letsy Exchange for trading into Fiat and to Letsy.
  • Letsy Ecosytem powered by multiple Parent companies.
  • Letsy Circulation created by parent companies and driven by users.
  • Letsy wallet Passport.
  • Time efficiency.
  • Transactional cost effectiveness.

Letsy / Mechanics

For example, Type B property staked at 350,000 Letsy, which has recently had tenants move in as a result of low monthly rent appeal generated, with the rental slider set to 50% below market value. The property would generate 2000 Letsy monthly Before the 15% variable fee. Bringing rental income to 1700 Letsy per month For the stake holder after fee is applied, this is around a 5.829% return on investment across a period of 12 months.
Whilst also generating 5 heart points per month. The property would also, gain value in the marketplace due to now having tenants and an increased rental rating potential.
The property could be re-staked on the marketplace and may now be worth 20,000 Letsy more depending on other market factors - due to having a tenant which it did not previously have.

30% At Nestletsy we believe the right to shelter is essential for all.

70% of our properties will be avaliable to our Letsy investor.

Take charge of your time and Money


Letsy is an ERC20 utility token designed for exchange on NestLetsy.
Q4/18 ICO
  • App development. Letsy holder profiles created
  • Smart contract distributed investment ledger integrated to App
  • Property acquisition begins
  • Property stake listing module is added to App – increased functionality
  • Letsy listed on exchanges
  • Properties are incrementally added to listing module
Q4/19 20 countries 150 NestLetsy properties
  • Letsy exchange opens for fiat conversion
  • Digital legal framework implemented
  • Marketing strategy implemented using local councils and social media to target tenants
  • Rental module added to App
  • Heart points module enabled
Q4/20 40 countries 200 NestLetsy properties
  • Digital ownership module added to App
  • 1000s of NestLetsy properties available for rental, staking and ownership

Our Team

Frequently asked questions

Let us answer some of your questions

Letsy is our fun, loveable, cute and trusted currency on the blockchain powered by LetsyLedger and Ethereum ERC20 for diversity and flexibility empowering our vision and powering the Letsy ecosystem.
Investors who want the security of property assets and the rental income - without the large upfront capital and responsibilities. Tenants who want affordable rentals.
Read more to find out!
You can buy Letsy during our pre-sales via our website and during the public ICO. In future, you will be able to buy from the Letsy exchange.
We intend to list on cryptocurrency exchanges. These exchanges allow the exchange of Letsy for other crypto and fiat currencies. In future, this will be done in the Letsy exchange also.
It is the future. Cryptocurrency means faster and cheaper transactions. Automate incomes. Automate rental payments, property sales and purchases. Saving precious time.
This is not a scam. This is for real! This is a push for a shift in consciousness.
With NestLetsy, you get the same security without any of the associated responsibilities, liabilities or large up front capital.
It’s cute! Crypto doesn’t have to be scary. Letsy is security tied to property and provides an investment opportunity for passive income. Support the platform and ecosystem to develop - be part of the community. Support affordable housing through NestLetsy. Support start-up of businesses.
Yes. Like any investment, cryptocurrency carries risk. At NestLetsy, we will endeavor to mitigate risk through mass asset distribution for holders. However, we cannot make investment decisions for you.
Through the rise of blockchain technology, we are able to offer never before possible crowd investment models. Mass distributed savings will generate profit from the scale of operations and savvy investments. Enabling us to cut out middle men and generating profit and affordable housing for Letsy holders.
Through an initial staked investment, that is tied against your chosen nest, you will receive a monthly income from the rental of a property with tenants.
We are operating within the full extent of the law and are looking to provide legitimate services and a real alternative for investment and for affordable housing. Keeping in accordance to all the latest regulatorily mandates in operational regions.
Passive income investment opportunities. Affordable home rentals and home ownership for families and individuals. New Digital Ownership concept from NestLetsy with security against repossessions and evictions. Protection from missed payments or late payments with Safety-Nest! Guard your home. Guard your nest-egg! Guard your income!
Yes, you can. Set the terms and take advantage of the returns - and remove all the stress.

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